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We have Larry Bourbonnais to thank for all the pictures that are on this page.


Sgt. Bailey on the left and on the right is SFC. Albert Nations who came to Charlie Battery as our new Chief of Smoke when we came off of LZ Professional.

Sgt. Bailey became my section Chief around LZ Bowman just before we went to LZ Professional if I am not mistaken. He came from Germany to Vietnam. He always wanted to go on R&R to Hawaii. I told him that I was going to go to Hawaii myself when I went on R&R. I don't think Bailey liked me very much. I remember he would always say that he would bump me when it came time to go on R&R. He was an E-6 and I was a Spec.4 at the time. Well, when it came time for me to go on R&R, his wife had left West Virgina and was in San Francisco ready to go to Hawaii. Bailey went to the rear and couldn't go on R&R to Hawaii. When he came back to the field, he found out that rank had nothing to do with who got to go first. It was time in country and I had been there longer than him. Well, he came to me because it was my time to go. He wanted to 'buy' my R&R, and was going to get me another one if I would let him go in my place. Finally after I made him SWEAT, I gave the damn thing to him. We went to see the First Sgt. and I told Top to let him go in my place. Bailey went on R&R the day after Mother's Day, 1969. He never came back to LZ Professional again. I was in charge of the gun section from then on. When we came off the hill, I had my own gun section and was never in Sgt. Bailey's section again. Where are you at Bailey? Do you remember all of this?

I never went on R&R while I was in Vietnam. I didn't want to make my time drag by when I came back. To this day I don't mind not going on R&R.

Sgt.Bailey you got that 'kick-ass' look on your face in this picture.


LZ Fat City. On the left I think is Tom Devin "Chipmonk", unknown with young gook girl, the Indian and Larry Bourbonnais.


My friend Sgt. Tommy Lively with the white towel on his shoulder. Fire mission LZ Fat City 1969.


Look at Cpt. Starr in his famous red shorts. Looks like he is out sunning himself today. I just wonder if he was going to go down to the beach as well?

LZ Fat City. From left to right John Duggan, Tom Devin (Chipmonk), Carlson being tied up and Sgt. Mendenhall who took over gun one when Kidd Bishop went home.


Picture furnished by John Duggan. Gun grew LZ Fat City 1970.


LZ Fat City. Duggan going over the wire to go on perimeter check. I don't know who any of the others are. What's this! Do I see someone's boots shined in the group?


LZ Fat City. Perimeter check left to right, Chipmonk, Duggan, Denny and Kidd. I don't know who any of the others are.


LZ Fat City, Kidd Bishop on patrol. When Kidd first came to Charlie Battery, he had just turned 18 years old. That's how he got the name 'Kidd'. He went through LZ Professional and was in my gun section when we got to Fat City. One night while on watch in the gun pit, he caught a mongoose. The damn thing bit him in the process. Kidd thought that he had caught a badger of all things. When I was told about all of this, the mongoose was in a 50 gallon barrel. Well, the thing got away and Kidd had to take the Rabies shots.


Flooded hootch LZ Fat City I don't know who is on the upper bunk but Taff is in the water.


Taff on the left and Larry Bourbonnais on the right going on bunker guard LZ Fat City.