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The pictures that are on this page came from Larry Bourbonnais. These are all taken at the EM Club at Fat City. When I was there, I never saw an American woman. The only females that I ever saw at Fat City were the gook girls.


On the back of this picture there was a name and it was Bozo. Larry had a name for everyone, his real name is Earnest Boardman. My question is what is he trying to do sing a song, say a prayer, or make a speech? I know that he wasn't practicing being an evangelist because he always said that when he got back home all he wanted to be was a trash man.


Here he is again, and what is that on his forehead? Is it a large band aid? He has that lost look on his face.


I don't know what my old friend Earl McGreger is doing. Earl were you drawing numbers for the girls? McGreger is the E-5 and to his left is the Indian. Bozo is in this picture as well. Someone tell me didn't he belong on a gun or did he work in the EM Club? All kidding aside it looks like everyone is having a good time.

Behind McGreger is Bedrycki and Winkler and the Indian on the right. Bozo's last name was Boardman. The rest of the men I don't know their names.


Here he is again sitting down in the middle of the picture. I think someone should contact his section chief. The only people that I know is Bozo and Howard. Howard is the Black man sitting to the far left hand side of the picture with the dark glasses on. He went through Professional with us. The man on the left is Chuck Gangi.


Chuck Gangi LZ Fat City.


Llyod Vines and Chuck Gangi filling sand bags at LZ Fat City.  Photo furnished by Chuck.


These Red Cross girls or 'Donut Dollies' seem to be very nice young ladys. Girls, I hope you aren't trying to teach these guys their ABC's. When I was there, we didn't have pretty table cloths or window curtains. I missed the finer things in life, I guess.


Photo from Dell Burns collection.  Alabama LZ Fat City August or September, 1969.


Photo from Dell Burns collection. Alabama LZ Fat City August or September, 1969.


Photo from Dell Burns photo collection. Dell Burns LZ Fat City August or September, 1969.


Photo from Dell Burns photo collection. Glen Bradford LZ Fat City August or September, 1969.


Photo furnished by Alabama. Earl McGreger and Edward Cloutier. Earl is telling Ed don't you wish you looked as good as me.


Photo furnished by Alabama. Earl is thinking eat your heart out Ed.


Photo furnished by Alabama. Alabama and Ed. I can hear Ed asking Alabama, don't you think I look better than McGreger. And Alabama is thinking I don't know Ed.