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USS Gordon
Photo frunished by Larry Banks


Thanks to Terry Fisher from Bedford, Pa. who was kind enough to send me the following information. Charlie Battery 1-14th came from Fort Hood, Texas in 1967 to San Francisco, Ca. to head to Vietnam. They went over on the U.S.S. Gordon. They went to Subic Bay, Philippines and it took 19 days out of San Francisco. It took 2 days from the Philippines to Da Nang. 

This is a list that he sent that came from Don Sylvester who was the Exec. Officer at the time. What I have, it looks like, was the note book that he used at the time. People with astericks * by their names are replacements that came in to Charlie Battery. 

As you will see, I don't have first names for everyone on the lists. If anyone knows a first name, please let me know. If any of the men listed are KIA's or MIA's, please let me that also.


Gun section #1
John G. Alonzo
Lucas Nobbes
Thomas M Atela
Ronald Badtke
James Talo
Gene Taylor *
Ronald Summers *
Gun section #2
Richard Bowen
William Diamond
----- Ellis
Carl Reed
Ronald Tolles
Bruce Barlow
Walter Johnson
----- Agee
Roger Wells
Daniel Moleti
Gun section #3
Joao Pinto
Ken Brooks
----- Rabe
Mike Ellis
----- Farris
Al Seaver
----- Piner *
Harlod Toomer *
Gun section #4
Jerry Conner
Dennis Flagler
Alain Fuque
George Spencer
Michael Bender
James Smith
Cilfford Stansbery *
Jackie Sanders *
Gun section #5
James Volk
Eugene F Stephenson
Carl Higgins
Frederick Nessler
Robert Heinbach
----- Boulerice *
----- Turner *
Gun section #6
James Smith
Jimmy L. Frazier
Eugene Hardy
Terry Fisher
Paul Berheine
Florian Hintz
Freddie  Baudry
Tom Polo *
Battery Headquaters
Larry Banks
Charles Jackson
James Shantz
Doug Kahn
Ronald Monte
Joseph Morici
Lt. Don Sylvester
Kenneth D Ayres B.C.
Fire Base
Chief of Smoke Joseph Fridley
Robert Trollinger
 First Sgt. Russel Peters
Ammo Section
Robert Munro
Fire Direction Center
John Meyer
Howard R Skidmore
John Horton
Donnie Woods
Bartin Seiman
Issaic Nelson
Stephen H Crabtree
----- Acey
Bob Mejeur
John Whitney
Don Scott
Dean Foster
Michael Ready
Forward Observers
Frank Lavallee WIA  Feb. 1968
Norman Fine KIA Jan. 1968
Mike Pfetsch
John Sartain
Dan Marich
George Holdegraver
John Sprague
Michael Wright
Timothy Pesta
John Distefano
Lanny Dibiasi
Doug Richmond

Motor Pool
William Cunningham
Greg Bushardt
Terry Voioil
----- Hall
Como Section
Thomas McKinley

Head Cook
Angelo Torzelli
Ralph Devarti
Ronald Monte

The following photos were furnished by George Holdegraver.


George Holdegraver on the right, Larry Banks in the center the other man is unknown. These boys are getting ready to go under the Golden Gate Bridge heading West.


The last look at land for the next 19 days.


Sgt. Rayes and Larry Banks.




The only person I know in this picture is Dean Foster and he is the one on the left holding the kite.


Man on the left unknown, George Holdegraver in the center and Jackie Sanders on the bunk on the right.


This is the sleeping quarters on the Navy aboard the USS Gordon.  Photo furnished by Fred Nessler.


John Horton on the left, Bill Diamond, and Fred Nessler.  Photo furnished by Fred Nessler.


The picture says it all.  Furnished by Fred Nessler.


Left to right Robert Munro, unknown,  Bill Diamond center back,  and John Horton.  Photo furnished by Fred Nessler.


Bill Diamond on the left and the other two men are unknown.  Photo furnished by Fred Nessler.


The USS Gordon docked at Subic Bay, Philippines.